Tomorrow’s Leaders
Are Being Created Here Today


Watch them turn into leaders

Watch them turn into leaders

Watch them turn into leaders


Watch them turn into leaders

Watch them turn into leaders

Imagine your joy witnessing your child growing up to become a highly respected leader in their chosen field: whether a C.E.O. of a multi-national company, an entrepreneur starting a new business, creating employment for thousands of people or even a political leader.

After all, we parents naturally want the very best for our children and for them to enjoy an even better life than we have.

But the fatal mistake most parents make is to leave their child’s future largely to chance and think that by sending them to a good conventional school they’re doing the very best for them. But, sadly, that is not the case.

Because, in this increasingly competitive world, simply hoping conventional schooling will bring out the best in your child just isn’t anywhere near enough.

Because the focus of early schooling is naturally on the key skills of reading, writing and arithmetic and achieving high grades, rather than preparing children for success in life with multiple ‘people skills’, such as those vital communication skills that will inspire others to help them on the path to success.

Nor will a university education help your child develop the life skills that are vital for their success – and here’s why.


As Greek philosopher, Aristotle, said: Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man.

And that early setting of a child’s mindset and personality – for good or ill – has been proved in a scientific study among Grade One children in Hawaii during the 1960s and followed up 40 years later. That study found personality traits – both good and bad – were firmly rooted by the teenage years and remained the same key determinant of success or failure in life – even 40 years on.

So – while time spent at a university is generally recognized to create a more rounded student – it’s simply too late in a child’s life to bring about the dramatic changes often needed to transform a child’s life chances from average to exceptional.

All of which is a tragedy of biblical proportions, because your child undoubtedly has the latent ability to make a success of anything they turn their hand to, provided the positive life skills they need to achieve high goals are identified and natured at the earliest possible age.

And that is where The Young Leaders School can do so much to help set your child on the right road to achieving all they want from life.

As previous explained, by the time a child reaches adulthood the habits and mindset they will take with them for the rest of their life are permanently set.

Which makes it all the more important that to give your child the very best possible start in life and you go the extra mile to ensure their education goes beyond a standard conventional education and also incorporates such vital life skills as:

Character building. Increased ability to learn faster and retain more. Leadership skills. Public speaking. Communication skills. Retaining poise even under severe pressure. Increased self-esteem. Increased persuasive power.

The Young Leader’s School currently offers six powerful programs

Leadership + Entrepreneurship Program

This program has been carefully researched and deliberately designed to provide you and your child with the very best of the best life preparation training.

Briefly, the program (currently two years in duration) covers the vital life skills your child must have to get ahead of the crowd and make their own successful way in an increasingly competitive world, that will get even more competitive.

So you can give yourself a mental ‘pat on the back’, because your child will end up perfectly equipped to become one of the 3% elite who make a stunning success of all aspects of their lives because they will be fully versed in the key skills of leadership and developing charisma, know how to perform at peak efficiency plus enjoy that most vital skill of all – the ability to communicate with others in a clear and decisive way, inspiring others to help make your child’s path to success as smooth as silk.

The program will teach them to not only set clear goals, but also develop the mental toughness, so they won’t be diverted from their achieving them

Above all, it will increase their self- esteem and personal confidence by leaps and bounds.

To learn more about the Leadership + Entrepreneurship Program click this link

The Ultimate Public Speaking Program

It’s a sad fact that about 75% of the population would rather undergo root canal surgery on their teeth than speak in public.

So, if your child can painlessly develop the early ability to marshal and then clearly convey their thoughts to other people at business meetings, presentations – or even in a full blown speech to a large audience – this will give them a powerful edge.

This program is scientifically designed to build your child’s confidence, so they become confident public speakers able to hold any audience spellbound.

We do this by giving your child plenty of opportunities to speak in front of their classmates. Later on, once they are comfortable doing this, we hold a series of showcase events where your child can further polish their expertise, speaking in front of an audience.

You’re welcome to attend these and marvel at the progress your child is making.

Over the two years of this program, the curriculum covers both the science and art of public speaking, including mastery of their body language, so this harmonises perfectly with what they are saying.

So, if you want your child to storm ahead of the rest because they’re a polished public speaker, then click this link to learn more.

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FUN Science + STEM Program

Because science and technology play such an increasingly important role these days we give your child a clear head start on the rest by introducing them to the wonderful world of science & STEM well before they would if they were just on the regular Singaporean school curriculum, which doesn’t start until Primary Three.

This program is carefully compiled to both stimulate and satisfy your child’s curiosity by presenting them with some intriguing scientific experiments.

Learning is more effective when the child participates, so we take great care to ensure that your child is involved – and even greater care to ensure every experiment is completely safe and closely supervised by experienced staff.

For example, using a flashlight and a water spray, your child can see how a rainbow is formed, in complete safety.

Electronics play a vital role these days, so we ignite your child’s imagination with some ultra-safe – yet though provoking – experiments where they will discover the relationship between magnetism, light and electricity.

One advantage of this program is a measurable increase in the child’s problem solving and creative abilities.

So, if you want your child to get well ahead of most Singaporeans in science and technology, then click this link to learn more

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Self Defence for Kids

In a world where bullying has become a major cause for concern, the ability to protect one’s self from harm should be a basic human right that is accessible to anyone, especially children. As parents, it is vital for us to ensure that our kids are well equipped to defend themselves, in case the need arises.

Aside from keeping them safe, there are many other amazing benefits to having your kids learn self-defense. It helps develop your children’s social and interpersonal skills while learning new knowledge and techniques that will continuously guide and benefit them throughout their lives. With proper guidelines and instruction, they can learn and enjoy these benefits to the fullest.

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English Primary 1 Head Start Program

For kids, moving up to primary 1 means a lot of things. Aside from making a huge step towards the exciting world of formal education, they are making a huge leap in terms of independence and academic learning. For parents, you might be excited or anxious, or both.

You wonder whether you’ve done all that’s needed to prep your little ones. This may mean putting together a set of brand new uniform, wallet, shoes and water bottle. But how about their academic skills? Have they learned enough at home or in kindergarten? Does he know enough English to keep up with primary school teachings?

With our English p1 head start program, our overall objective is to equip your kids with a strong English foundation before they transition to primary school. In order to further maximize the learning potential of your kids, the topics covered in this program were carefully thought of and are all in line with the Ministry of Education’s Primary one syllabus for English.

They include: Grammar awareness, reading comprehension, simple close passage exercises, basic story writing skills and many more.

Above all, it will develop their understanding and command of english to the next level.

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Singing Lessons for Kids

If you are a parent who is looking to give your kids a gift they will cherish for a lifetime, then you should consider giving them the gift of music. And the good news is that we have a Singing Program specifically Designed for kids.

Our Singing program supports all learning. Along with developing their musical inclinations, we also have activities designed to help your kids experience growth in their emotional, social, cognitive and social development through the guidance of our friendly and capable team. They will patiently work with you and your children, teach them about the fundamentals of singing and guide their actions and behaviors as well. We don’t just focus on their music side but to the entire aspect of their personalities.

While most teachers utilize singing and music as a tool to teach in the classroom, there are still a lot who don’t completely understand the power those little tunes can do. Aside from making sure that your children are able to use their vocal system efficiently, our program makes it a point to use songs in order to teach basic concepts, behavior and social skills. And while we work on making sure that your children are taught about proper singing techniques, we thoughtfully guide your kids with every little step they make during the learning process.

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Do you want the best for your child?

Why should the best in life be the preserve of other parents and their children – and not you and yours?

After all, don’t you want to give your child the very best start in life so they can enjoy a full life, rich in accomplishments, wealth and a fine reputation as one of the leaders in their chosen field.

So, if your answer to any of this is ‘Yes’, then click this link to give your child the very best possible start in life

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