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FUN Science + STEM Program for Kids

Young children are natural scientists. Curious about the world around them, eager and willing to discover new things. For young learners, science is only an extension of their everyday world. We seldom need to teach young kids to discover, wonder, or explore through play because to them, this just comes naturally. Science will always be fun for children, as long as it is presented the right way.

When it comes to teaching kids about science, educators play a major role in providing opportunities for children to learn and create amazing experiences. Which, in turn, can motivate them to want to explore and learn more on their own. To solve problems through creativity, and discover things through play, exploration, and eagerly asking questions.

Educators teaching science are given the opportunity to make a positive impact on molding the thoughts and opinions of their students. In fact, recent studies show that by the time they reach 7 years old, children have already formed either a negative or a positive opinion about science.


There are many benefits which come with children learning science early in life.

Since children are born with the natural tendency to explore and discover things during play, introducing these kids to science at an early age can help foster their curiosity and excitement in exploring the world, and lay the foundation for the progression of science learning.

Science involves communicating with others, and so children are able to listen and be heard by others. Because learning science allows children to think of what can happen before doing something, they learn to make a hypothesis.

It also teaches children about patience and perseverance, since a lot of things in science don’t just happen overnight. They will also realize that not everything works for the first time and that sometimes, they will have to try many times to find the answers they are looking for.

Above all, by teaching science to little kids, they are able to make sense of the world using the process of scientific thinking. An art they can very well use of even when they progress through adulthood.


STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), on the other hand, is thought of by many as a learning that begins in elementary school. However, the foundation of stem processes and stem thinking can be developed and nurtured way before children enter kindergarten.

When we talk about introducing stem as being a part of early childhood learning, it doesn’t mean setting aside extra time to address specific stem topics. The goal here is to integrate its concepts into a child’s daily routine or curriculum.

The introduction of stem thinking is about giving your children the chance for active and hands-on exploration and experimentation, and build their prediction, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Just like science, there are also a number of benefits your child can enjoy by being introduced to the concept of STEM early in life.

Kids who learn to appreciate STEM at an early age are able to develop a positive attitude. This teaches them to stick with the subjects even when they get challenging and helps them tackle challenges later in life.

The concepts of STEM happen all around us. Exposure to this early in life gets them better equipped to handle these concepts later in life.

Since the concepts of STEM rely heavily on developing problem-solving skills, your children can very well adapt them at any point in their lives.

Although it may be a long way to go before college, knowledge of stem at an early age prepares the path for pursuing a career in a related field once your kids’ graduate.


There is no doubt that both Science and Stem offer unique benefits to your children. And although these subject matters are being taught during elementary school, studies and research establish the fact that in order for your child to experience the full benefits of learning science and STEM, they need to be introduced to it at an early age.

Because we understand how you want your children to have a strong foundation in life, we have put together a program which does not only focus on teaching Science or STEM as a separate subject matter. This is done by combining the teachings and focal points of both concepts and integrating this into a single program specifically created for children 4 years old and up.

We provide an age-specific learning environment which offers your child the venue for learning and excel in this journey through a carefully planned balance of balance, care, and experience.

Our modern and well-equipped classroom facilities provide a broader educational experience and prepare your kids for future learning.

Our program which effectively combines the teachings of both science and STEM offers a lot of long-term benefits for your kids.

We help build your child’s confidence. We make your kids feel like experts by getting their insights and focusing on age-related questions. We augment their curiosity by providing a multitude of resources such as books and orient them about nature through our well supervised outdoor play times.

During these activities, we allow the kids to make mistakes , solve problems, and stick with what they started. We let them set their own goal, at their own pace, and make sure that these goals are age-related and realistic. In turn, they discover their own qualities and talents, as they learn to value their strengths.

We help your kids practice their problem-solving skills. Our program fosters the development of your children’s problem-solving skills by allowing them enough space to figure things out and identify the problem. The learning activities we provide allows them to try things on their own, and focus on modeling perseverance by teaching them to keep on trying if they fail to find the solution the first time.

This strategy not only works in building your children’s problem-solving skills. Perseverance is a skill that can offer them life-long benefits.

We encourage and develop your children’s creativity. In order to enhance your child’s creative thinking, we give them enough time to explore nature and make observations. Along with this is the availability of toys and materials that allow them to build, mix, draw, and just play around with. Sometimes, we even let them get messy!

These play-based activities encourage your children to use as many senses as necessary. In addition to this, we make sure that our classrooms are pleasing, inviting, and functional so as to encourage your children’s individual expression, and ensure focused creative work.

Development of Critical thinking skills. Because we understand the importance of the role critical thinking will play in your children’s life, we make it a point to practice and integrate this process in all activities that we do in the classroom. Role-playing, group discussions, brainstorming, and even playtime makes way for kids to exercise their own critical thinking process through observation, gathering data and making connections.

By asking them open-ended questions, we also teach your kids to build prior knowledge and boost their self-esteem by encouraging them to express themselves in front of others. Our regular group discussions also make way for cooperative thinking, which also exposes your children to the thought processes of their peers.

We help provide a better foundation for learning. Studies show that 90% of the brain develops during the first 5 years of life. In order to help maximize your children’s learning potentials, we conceptualized a program that includes activities that involve and encourage your kids to be confident enough to share their thoughts and ideas.

When creating opportunities for problem-solving, we make sure that these are age – appropriate and foster a certain amount of independence while they continue to discover new things. Our team of educators is friendly and happy to guide them throughout the entire learning process. This allows your children enough space to maximize their learning potential, and be ready for more advanced future studies.

” Science is much more than just a school subject, or the periodic table, or properties of waves. It’s an approach to the world, a critical way to understand and explore and engage in the world and have the capacity to change that world ” – President Barrack Obama, March 23, 2015

The need to teach and focus on science and stem in the early learning years is based on a number of factors. First and foremost is the widely known knowledge and understanding of the power of children’s early learning and thinking potential. Research suggests that children have much greater learning potential than previously thought.

We offer your children a richer and more fun-filled environment for learning, with the guidance of our skillful and friendly teachers. The family-like atmosphere we provide allows your kids to share their thoughts and ideas and know that they are appreciated. Because choosing to make a difference, and stepping out of the crowd is very important for children to feel comfortable doing today.

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