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Leadership + Entrepreneurship Program for Kids

Over the years, there has been a continued debate as to whether leaders are born or made. Warren Bennis, author of 30 books and adviser to 4 US Presidents, spent a lot of time studying about leaders and leadership. After completing a thorough research , he concluded that “ saying leaders are born, is like stating a dangerous myth”.

Although great leaders’ biographies often present as if they all have a genetic endowment, or that their faith as future leaders were already pre-arranged, it is wise not to believe it.

“ The truth is that capacities and competencies of being a leader can be learned as long as the desire to learn them exists.” – Warren Bennis

Leadership is an art. It is a combination of traits which are perfected and refined overtime through training, education, and personal experience.

There are many reasons why learning leadership skills will be beneficial to your children. It instills confidence and helps them solve their problems creatively, while allowing them to form social bonds by working in a team or collaborating with others. Leadership allows your children to develop independence and responsibility.

Although being a leader is a valuable skill throughout a lifetime, and that the development of leadership skills can be a long process, there is no better time to start teaching your kids about the concept of leadership than now .


Another important skill that children need to learn is entrepreneurship.

Many of the most successful people in the business world attribute a large part of their success towards their childhood experiences.

According to a 2014 study recently published by the US Census Bureau , self-employed Americans and their workers accounted for 44 million jobs, or 30% of the national workforce for that year. With that being said, we need to acknowledge the impact entrepreneurship plays in our society, and support it starting with providing early learning and education.

Children who are able to learn entrepreneurship early in life has more time to gain experiences and a better understanding on how to create, manage, or expand a startup. They gain knowledge and skills that allow them to solve problems and make decisions on their own. When they grow up, and regardless of what your kids will choose to do, they’ll definitely need an entrepreneurial approach at some point during their lifetime.

It goes without saying that Leadership and Entrepreneurial skills are both very useful tools in life that you can equip your children with . A decision to have them learn these skills are important to prepare them for a future that will promise to differ exponentially from the present.

The good news about this is that we are offering a program which does not only focus on teaching kids about leadership, but entrepreneurship as well. How good can that get?

# We believe that leadership with entrepreneurship skills create an impeccable combination. Many people consider leadership as the top trait every entrepreneur must have. Not only for leading a team but for also leading one’s self.

Unlike other programs, we do not rely on textbook theories. The concepts we teach are based on studies of successful entrepreneurs and leaders. These are real life studies that were carefully done in order to provide clear, concrete, and factual information. By utilizing this process, we are able to inspire your children with real life stories of people who succeeded by following well thought of practices and behaviors. It teaches about life, the life of others and themselves. We find this as a unique way of teaching them to develop a deeper understanding and respect for other people’s culture, and of course, motivate them with real life stories they can emulate and examples they can follow.

This program was developed through the studies of successful leaders and entrepreneurs, and breaking down the focal points of these studies to come up with one solid program. We have carefully researched all similar leadership programs, worldwide, and are completely satisfied our program is the very best one of its kind in the world to help prepare your child for a sparkling career.

With our comprehensive Leadership and Entrepreneurship program for kids, we focus our attention not only on honing your children’s leadership and entrepreneur skills.

Our concept focuses on how these two areas of expertise work hand in hand in creating the perfect foundation for your kids’ future. Because while every leader or entrepreneur is unique and is able to succeed in their own ways, there are some interconnected traits they will do very well with and which we help them identify and enhance.

We help them develop self-awareness. While some people are surprised to know that self-awareness is a skill, and that some assume it to be a trait some people are born with, the truth is that everyone can learn it. Our program helps your children enhance their self-awareness by helping them identify their capabilities and by providing them with different avenues for learning and self-improvement. We guide them into knowing what they, at their young age are capable of achieving. By doing this, your kids get a better understanding of themselves and achieve a sense of confidence and empowerment.

We teach your kids to build relationships. Effective leadership involves getting along and connecting with others. In order for the world to adopt their ideas, great entrepreneurial leaders implore the support of others by building strong relationships with people who can help them . Although there are many places where you can read about it, building relationship is not often taught in school.

With our program, we help your children develop relationship building skills by allowing them to practice with other kids from whom they want cooperation. We guide them to set goals of getting to know other kids and initiate contact and help them figure out how they can improve and do better the next time.

The activities we conduct puts your kids to situations where they need to deal with both the instructors and fellow students. This interaction helps increase their confidence when communicating with people, and see direct results from these regular interactions.

Perseverance, Positivity and the can-do attitude. Because most success stories don’t actually happen overnight, we know the importance of developing your child’s attitude of perseverance, positivity and the can-do attitude.

Our concept of teaching this to your children is what differentiates us from other training programs. We put emphasis on utilizing real life experiences of truly successful leaders and entrepreneurs. By doing so, we allow the children to have a better look at the lives of these individuals, their often humble beginnings, and how they were able to succeed in the face of trials because of their perseverance and positivity.

This approach creates a sense of excitement for the kids , and they become more engaged in learning and becoming aware of how their small choices can impact society.

#Improvement in Problem-Solving skills. When your kids grow up to be future entrepreneurs, solving problems will be part of their daily activities. Through the guidance of our well trained instructors, we allow your children to apply their knowledge with small but real-life ,tangible problems.

Because kids tend to be more impulsive than adults, we guide them towards finding a solution in simple, easy to understand processes. Through group or one on one discussions, we let them identify the problem and talk about it, come up with their own ideas for possible solutions, identify the possible consequences or benefits of each approach, being decisive and taking action, and explaining to them the possible fallout or effect of their decision.

Creative Thinking. A lot of people excel academically because they grow up doing what they’re supposed to do, and do it well. What makes successful leaders and entrepreneurs stand out is their ability to develop creativity and color outside the lines. Creative thinking is essential for cultivating your children’s thirst for learning, and empower them with the skills they need to succeed in life.

Our comprehensive Leadership and Entrepreneur training for kids can help your children develop creative thinking by integrating easily understandable lessons on creative thinking strategies into subject matters, rather than addressing it as a separate topic.

We have fun group activities that provide opportunities for the kids to collaborate and share their own beliefs and ideas. We also make time for regular pretend or imaginative play to encourage creativity.

Self Confidence. One of the main objective of our program is to help instill confidence in your children so that they will grow up to be successful leaders or entrepreneurs. We provide various activities and techniques which promote self-assurance in your kids. They are encouraged to participate and are made constantly aware that their insight and participation always matters.

We offer a learning environment which allows your kids to feel safe and express themselves. We also encourage independence by allowing your kids to solve problems and answer questions on their own.

By enabling them to believe in their abilities, your children will an increased self-worth and confidence, to accept the challenges of life and become effective leaders or entrepreneurs in the future.

To many, the entrepreneur is considered the ultimate form of a leader. With that being said, when we encourage start-ups and entrepreneurs, we must emphasize the importance of a solid entrepreneurial leadership skills, which can only be achieved through learning and development. We need to take a personal commitment in building our next generation of leaders. We need to establish in them an entrepreneurship mindset to avoid them growing up to be just consumers but the producers this world needs.

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