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Is Learning Science Important for my young child? (Kids below Primary 4)

It’s a well established fact that people learn best by actually doing, rather than merely watching.

Which is one factor why we have rope in science experts from worldwide to come out with a curriculum that is so revolutionary and effective.

The second factor for its success is that it is open to children as young as four years old.

This is far younger than conventional schools in Singapore start to teach science to their students (in Primary Three).

Clearly at that early age we start them on simple, safe –yet intriguing – experiments, such as creating rainbows with a flashlight and water spray.

Such simple, yet spectacular, experiments ignites their curiosity to progress further into the wonderful world of science as their age and experience dictate.

All ages from 4 to 9 are catered for in this program.


One of the extra advantages of exposing your child to these exciting experiences at an early age is the dramatic improvement it makes to their problem solving and creative abilities in other areas of their life. This stands them in good stead with the rest of their education, making them a more rounded person with both academic and intellectual skills.

Apart from creating rainbows in the laboratory, the program also covers plants and photosynthesis where your child will be able to extract chlorophyll from plant leaves.

Staying with biology, your child will also discover first hand the magic of capillary action and how plants feed themselves.

In our ‘Bubble Blast’ lesson, we reveal the fascinating world of liquids. And, in another experiment your child will enjoy getting involved and understanding different molecular structures, such as those in oil and water, and why they won’t mix.

In ‘Edible Science’ and other related lessons, we look at the important part food and nutrition plays in keeping us alive. Hopefully, this will put your child on course for a lifetime of healthy eating.

One of the more spectacular – but completely safe – chemistry lessons concerns the creation of CO2 gas which is then used to inflate a balloon.

In the ‘Germs Make Me Sick’ lesson, we’ll reveal the world of bacteria and microbes and how we prevent them from harming us.

And, in our ‘Have a Heart’ lesson, your child will be introduced to the human body and the systems that keep us alive.


Children tend to be very interested in dinosaurs, so we encourage an interest in the natural sciences by allowing them to handle real dinosaur fossils with our ‘Fossil Fun’.

And we enhance children’s natural interest in Nature, with ‘Baby Animal Games’, featuring birds and night flyers, such as bats

The wonders of man-made flight is explored in the ‘Flight If We Might’ lesson. And the hidden forces that rule our lives, such as gravity and magnetism, get examined in ‘Invisible Forces’

Your child will also be excited and stimulated by the experiments involving the surface tension of water and water adhesion.

In ‘Magnifying Madness’ your child will be inspired with the endless possibilities that lenses and magnifying glasses open up.

In our ‘Get Growing’ section your child will be encourage to grow plants which they can watch thrive over the coming weeks and months.

And we’ll open your child’s eyes to this amazing world were even apparently solid material, such as rocks, are in a permanent state of vibration in our ‘Good Vibrations’ lesson.

You child will get a rapid head start on the new technologies of solar electricity with a lesson called: ‘Let The Sunshine In’.

In ‘Fantastic Static’ you child will have their eyes opened to the amazing properties of static electricity. And, in our lesson, entitled: ‘Magnet Makers’ we focus on the important relationship between magnetism and the creation of electrical power.


Because electronics play such a large part in the modern world, we introduce your child to this fascinating branch of physics early on with circuit boards and the relationship between light, magnetism and electricity.

Machinery, in all its forms, gets examined in our ‘Make a Machine’ lesson. So, if your child is a budding world class engineer, like Isambard Kingdom Brunel, then this will surely trigger their interest.

In our ‘Out Of Sight Light’ we reveal the amazing invisible world of infra-red light that exists beyond our eye’s ability to see it.

We’ll also ignite an interest in astronomy and space travel with our lesson on ‘Shoot For The Stars’.

And in our ‘Reason For The Season’ lesson, we will further feed your child’s interest in astronomy by showing how the Earth is tilted on its axis and thus creates the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter on its annual journey around the sun.

In our ‘My Planet My Home’ lesson, we’ll reveal just how fragile the eco system that supports our life on Earth is. Hopefully, this will trigger a desire in your child to become environmentally conscious and help take care of our precious planet.

One of the more spectacular experiments your child will love is in our ‘FOAM-tastic’ lesson, where a small amount of two innocent looking chemicals give birth to an absolute tsunami of foam! The practical application for this is in fire extinguishers.

As fascinating as all our science experiments are, they are carefully designed to be completely safe for your child and every session is supervised by a highly trained teacher with safety as the paramount concern.

These teachers are also trained to encourage your child’s fullest participation both in regard to taking an active part as well as discussing the project with their class mates.

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