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English Primary 1 Head Start Program

For kids, moving up to primary 1 means a lot of things. Aside from making a huge step towards the exciting world of formal education, they are making a huge leap in terms of independence and academic learning. For parents, you might be excited or anxious, or both.

You wonder whether you’ve done all that’s needed to prep your little ones. This may mean putting together a set of brand new uniform, wallet, shoes and water bottle. But how about their academic skills? Have they learned enough at home or in kindergarten? Does he know enough English to keep up with primary school teachings?


According to experts, there are certain degrees of English know-how that is expected of kids when they enter primary 1. This includes:

Reading. Kids are expected to recognize a certain range of sight words and should have a certain degree of fluency.

Phonics. After finishing kindergarten, children should have some knowledge of phonics as they will be doing a lot of word identification exercises in primary school.

Predicting and making logical reasoning. By making use of clues through titles, headings, pictures, and keywords, children should be able to make logical inferences.

Psychomotor skills and eye-hand coordination. Before entering primary 1, kids should already have the ability to grip a pencil and write using correct hand movements.

Penmanship and Spelling. Your child should be able to write fluently and confidently and be able to recognize and understand and spell some age-level appropriate words.

Having a strong foundation is absolutely important when preparing a child for entry into Primary one. The major goal of most preschool parents is to ensure that their kids are well equipped and prepared once they enter this new chapter of their academic lives.

With that in mind, the purpose of Primary 1 head start programs is to help create a smooth transition from Kindergarten to Primary one, so that children will not feel overwhelmed with the major changes that take place with moving up.

But how important is it for kids to learn the basics of the English language before starting their Primary school learning? More so, how important is it for children to learn English?


To start off, English is considered the official language of 53 countries with about 750 million people who speak it either as a first or second language. It is the most widely spoken language in the world, and the international language of communication being used globally by hundreds of millions of people for entertainment, technical, and commercial purposes.

In primary education, most lessons if not all are being taught using the English language. Kids who are well versed with the language are more likely to get a better understanding when it comes to theories, principles, and practical applications. They are able to easily communicate their ideas and are more likely to share their thoughts and opinions with others.

A good command of the English language also helps in communicating with a larger group of people. It allows them to readily connect with other kids. Because it is being used by most countries as a first or second language, it is able to bridge the gap between nations, people, and culture.

Having said that, we are happy to offer you our English primary 1 head start program. It is structured and designed to ensure that your kids are able to undergo gradual exposure and readiness to the demands of the Primary 1 syllabus for English. The lessons are conducted in a fun and highly interactive environment which is coupled with hands-on activities.

With our English p1 head start program, our overall objective is to equip your kids with a strong English foundation before they transition to primary school. In order to further maximize the learning potential of your kids, the topics covered in this program were carefully thought of and are all in line with the Ministry of Education’s Primary one syllabus for English.

Grammar Awareness. Because fundamentals are of utmost importance in ensuring the smooth introduction of your kids to primary school, grammar awareness is one of the focal points of our English P1 head start program. Keeping in mind how each child is unique and differ in the way they respond to different modes of teaching, we utilize a variety of ways to teach grammar awareness in the classroom.

This includes direct teacher-student instruction wherein the teacher introduces each of the grammar objectives to the whole class. From teaching them the components of grammar, to orienting them with the parts of a sentence and an understanding the parts of speech, we make learning more fun and interesting for your kids by providing books and other reading materials, and utilizing technology and the use of tools such as powerpoint, smartboards or overhead projectors as visual aids to supplement the lecture.

On top of this, we see to it that your children are well guided by warm and friendly instructors in an environment where they can have fun learning through lively class discussions, songs, and games.

Reading Comprehension. Understanding what they read is crucial for your children to be successful in school. This includes the ability to understand the context of words in individual sentences and multiple concepts which come with reading long passages. Reading comprehension skills can help your child excel not only in English class but in all aspects of the academic study.

Because reading is also a way of teaching your kids about grammar, our English p1 head start program ensures that along with positive motivation, your kids will develop a genuine love for reading. By helping them master the eight essential reading skills, we are able to instill in them a positive mindset for confidence and higher level thinking.

Through the use of fun and kid-friendly learning materials, we help your children develop excitement and a genuine interest in reading. And through the integrated phonics approach, your kids can easily understand the context and meaning of each word.


Simple Close Passage Exercises. Another one of the instructional methods we use in measuring your children’s reading comprehension is by incorporating simple close passage exercises to the lessons. In order to make this activity more effective, we make sure that the close passages we create are simple, clear, and age-related.

To make learning even more authentic, we also allow your kids to create close passages that are entirely their own while they read a story. Your kids are also encouraged to share or exchange the close passages they created to the other children in the class. Close passage reading is also an effective tool we use to have your kids study and prepare for small tests.

And lastly, with our program, we make it a point that when we create close passages, your children can easily relate by using stories that are simple, age-appropriate, and interesting.

Basic Story Writing Skills. The art of learning basic story writing does not only help improve your children’s writing skills. It is also a great way of enhancing their creativity.

Our program encourages your children to discover the fascinating world around them, discover an inspiration and learn to freely express their thoughts and opinions through basic story writing. We also make sure to guide your kids in applying grammar principles when they write. We help your kids accomplish this through regular reading, which helps give an idea of how stories are constructed and providing them with the necessary writing tools.

Most importantly, we make sure that we provide each of your children with a comfortable environment that is conducive to writing. On top of that, we utilize the services of friendly and capable teachers to guide and brainstorm with them when needed.

“One language can set you in a corridor for life. Two languages can open every door along the way.” – Frank Smith

With recent discussions centered on the cost of educational programs and whether it truly yields a significant improvement, it has become imperative for parents to choose the perfect program for their kids. Our English primary 1 Head Start Program is fully supported by well-structured and carefully designed learning materials. This program contains themes which get the kids interested and engaged in life lessons which includes storytelling, group discussions, basic story writing, games, role plays, and other interactive activities. We take pride in having experienced and capable teachers who are enthusiastic and excited about teaching young kids. It’s a place where your children are treated like family. Their accomplishments are considered milestones, each one taking them a step closer towards our common goal of readying them for moving up to their next academic level.

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