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Our mission

The Young Leaders School was founded to help create the leaders, entrepreneurs, inventors, business people and C.E.O.s of the future by providing what we firmly believe is the very best training available anywhere in the world.

Based on the latest scientific research, we take children as young as five years (four years in the case of our science program) because it has been found that, the earlier a child is introduced to leadership, public speaking and science training, the more effective the training proves to be, leading to improved comprehension, retention and enhanced creative abilities.

In both work and personal relationships, the Young Leaders School maintains the highest professional and ethical standards. We are conscientious and respectful in our dealing with our students and their parents.


Standards Of Excellence

The Young Leaders School strives to maintain the highest possible standards of excellence both in the quality of our curriculum and the standard of our teaching.

We firmly believe our programs are the very best in the world and the quality of our teachers is also second to none.

The Young Leaders School encourages the highest standards of initiative and leadership at all times. We encourage a collaborative approach with our students and their parents in a constant quest to improve our services for the benefit of all.



At the Young Leaders School we believe that everyone matters, regardless of their background or calling. To this end, we encourage both our staff and our clients to unleash their full potential. We consider diversity to be the cornerstone of our inclusive, sustainable childhood enrichment center where we embrace and respect differences.


Ezekiel Chew

Founder and CEO

Young Leaders School

Our Founder

The founder of the Young Leaders School is Ezekiel Chew.

Born into a average income family with a burning ambition to better themselves, Ezekiel was exposed to the entrepreneurial ethos of hard work and self-discipline at an early age.

So, even while still at school, he worked part time, eventually starting his own business.Noticing his success, other people started to ask him for advice which eventually led to a successful career as a mentor, business consultant, seminar speaker.

When helping others develop their leadership and other skills, Ezekiel realized that teaching the right skills at a far earlier age would result in far more success for his clients.

After researching this idea in great depth and finding there was much scientific evidence for this, Ezekiel founded the Young Leaders School.

Based in the beautiful garden city of Singapore, the Young Leaders School is rapidly gaining a reputation as a world class center for the enrichment of the lives of young people.

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